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SEPTEMBER 1, 2015: The finished form for LILY (HEARTDREAMS.NET) ♥ has been sent in!
APRIL 1, 2013: The fanlisting for SILVER JEWELRY has been adopted from Georgie!
OCTOBER 27, 2012: My best friend, Lily, made a fanlisting for me! ♥
MAY 31, 2012: The fanlisting for STEPHEN KING has been adopted from Erika!
MAY 30, 2012: The finished form for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST has been sent in!
APRIL 21, 2012: The finished form for LADYBUGS has been sent in!
JUNE 28, 2011: The fanlisting for FAIRY TALES: SLEEPING BEAUTY has been adopted from Kibou!
SEPTEMBER 09, 2010: The fanlisting for BLINDFOLDS has been adopted from Heather!
JULY 02, 2010: The fanlisting for ALICE CULLEN has been adopted from Sarah!
APRIL 25, 2010: The finished form for GASPARD ULLIEL has been sent in!
DECEMBER 15, 2009: The finished form for POPCORN has been sent in!


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